Hey guys! It’s Julie here. I want to thank you for stopping by my site. I hope you have had a great time browsing so far.

Every site has an “About” section, I thought I’d have one too and share a little bit about myself with you…

Since I was a little girl I have always loved animals.

Cats, dogs, budgies, rabbits – you name it, I wanted it!

Unfortunately, my parents didn’t allow me to have any pets at first but as I became a mature teenager (and after months and months of begging) they finally let me buy my first puppy! I still remember it like it yesterday. I was 17 and could not stop playing with Squiggles and most of the time I forgot to do my homework!

Eventually, I visited the animal shelter and adopted another pup that had been abandoned by its owner and decided to also buy a rabbit shortly after that. By the age of 22, I had more pets than any of my friends did!

Today, I’ve got 3 children who are all grown up and also have kids of their own.

It can get quite lonely in the house alone so I’ve got 2 lovely cats and 1 dog that live with me. And for those of you who are interested, I’ve got an American Shorthair, a Birman and cute little poodle.

I know it’s nothing wild or particularly exciting, but they are my babies and I absolutely adore feeding them, cleaning them and playing with them everyday.

Now while I might sound like the happiest pet owner in history, there is one thing that bugs me to my core….

And that’s when these animals shed their hair all over the house!

To resolve this problem I’ve tried so many things over the last few decades you wouldn’t believe it! Anyway, I have found a few great solutions that have really helped me and I now feel the need to share it with other pet owners too.

So, a few months ago my grandson suggested I should learn to be more confident on the computer and learn how to browse the Internet so that I could share my advice with the rest of the world online. Now that I’m retired I thought why not…

Long story short that’s how Vacuum Life was born!

If you have any questions about me or about this website feel free to connect with me through the contact form and I will be more than happy to respond to you 🙂