What is the Best Lint Roller for Pet Hair?

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Why Choose a Lint Roller?

There are many reasons why you may need to ask “what is a lint roller?”; the most obvious of these is that you have heard the term but are unsure of what it is or how it can help you.

A lint roller can be useful to anyone, but it is essential if you have a pet. Unfortunately pets have a habit of shedding their fur.

They do this to gain a summer coat; by losing their thick winter coats. Then, in the winter they don’t just add fur to their bodies; they replace their coat again with thicker fur.

The result is your home constantly having a coating of hair. Whilst you will undoubtedly sweep and vacuum regularly; this is never enough to prevent the lint from getting onto your clothes and soft furnishings.

If you are still wondering what a lint roller is then the answer is simple. It is a sticky tape attached to a roller with a handle.

You hold the handle and roll the sticky tape across your clothes; the fur sticks to it. And within moments your clothes or soft furnishings are hair free!


Choose the Right Lint Roller

Of course, as with any product, not all lint rollers are created equal. If you are serious about removing hair then the following list will ensure you purchase the right one for your home.

  1. The Scotch-Brite Lint Roller

Scotch-Brite Lint Roller

This lint roller is simple but one of the best.  It can be purchased directly from Scotch-Brite online.  This version has a plastic handle and can be used on almost any type of material; clothes or soft furnishings.   It comes with as few as 30 sheets or as many as 140; depending upon your needs.

According to the Scotch-Brite site there have been 341 reviews and an impressive 323 of these have been four or five star rated!





  1. The Evercare Magik Lint Brush

Evercare Magik Lint Brush

This brush can be purchased from a variety of online stores and it even comes with a stylish blue handle.  This style is different and can be awkward to hold as it needs to be held almost flat to your clothing or furnishings.  However, this lint roller is double sided; allowing for a more effective pick up.

This means that you can continue to pick fur up even after one side is full.  Simply switch sides and carry on; saving you the inconvenience of changing sheets mid job.




  1. The Homeaide Magic Lint Brush

HomeAide Magic Lint Brush

This stylish creation can also be found online.  The unique feature integrated into this design is a swivel head.  This is to help ensure you can effortlessly get into any small corner and remove every piece of hair.

The brush is less than a foot in total length.  It is specifically designed to complete deep cleaning exercises. This will make it effective even on the deepest pile carpets.  Within a few moments you can remove the unwanted hair with this lint roller and return to the more important things in life!




  1. The Sticky Buddy Lint Roller

Sticky Buddy Blue and yellow lint roller

Unlike most lint rollers, the Sticky Buddy lint roller does not have a removable sticky pad which needs to be replaced. Instead, using revolutionary technology, this manufacturer has developed a washable roller. There are fine hairs on the front to agitate the hairs on any surface. These will then stick to the roller.

Once you have finished cleaning the specific item simply wash the roller off and it’s ready to use again!



  1. The Remington RTFS-2 FuzzAway Battery Lint Remover

Remington Battery Electric Lint Roller

This is an electronic version which can be purchased from any leading retailer.  Instead of manually manipulating your lint roller across the clothing you simply glide this electric lint remover along.

The blades rotate at high speed to collect any fur on your furnishings. In addition it can pick up any stray threads; leaving your garments looking like new again! The fur and other items are collected in the container part of this lint roller and can just be emptied into the bin.  There is no need to replace the sticky cover; simply empty and store for the next time you need it!



Cleaning a Lint Brush

There are three different types of lint rollers or brushes listed above.  The ones with removable film should not require any further cleaning.  Even the electronic one should not need washing.

However, if you have the reusable one, you may ask “how do you clean a lint brush properly?”.

It is advisable to wash it every time you use it; whether you have collected one piece of hair or thousands.

You must use warm water, too hot, or too cold will damage the brush or ensure it loses its stickiness.

It is also essential to keep all solvents away from your lint roller.  The hair should come off in warm water whilst you run your hand over it.

You should then leave it to dry naturally.  Any attempt to dry it will result in it picking up more debris.



The five lint rollers featured here have all been tried and tested and work exceptionally well.

However, you will need to consider the one which works best for you.  Each of these lint rollers will feel different when you hold them as they have unique shapes.

More importantly, no matter how good a roller is; you will never be happy with it unless it is comfortable in your hand.

Before choosing your lint roller consider the following points:

  • Comfort – Is it contoured to fit your hand comfortably?
  • Practicality – Do you have time to wash and wait for it to dry?  If not you may wish to consider the lint rollers with throw away sticky parts.
  • Cost – Most lint rollers are under $20, although you may pay a little more for the electric ones.  Is the cost worth it for your needs?  You should also consider where the best place is to buy the lint brush.
  • Recommendations – Sites such as this and your friends are the best place to consult.  This will give you an idea regarding which are the best lint rollers to use.

A lint roller should last for a long time and be a useful investment.  Choose carefully now and it will also be a long term purchase; there is no reason why it should not last for several years.

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