How Do You Get Dog Hair Out Of A Car? (Here’s 9 Things To Help You)

dog hair covered car

50% of your lifetime income will be spent on your home, car, children and retirement.

This means a car purchase is an important decision.

Not only will you be spending a considerable sum of money; you will also be looking for a vehicle which serves your personal range of needs.

But, one thing many people do not consider is their pets. If you have a dog and have ever taken it in your vehicle you will probably be asking yourself how to get dog hair from your car months after you have allowed them in it.

You may have thought about the right size vehicle to carry your dog with you, but one which helps you get dog hair out is likely to have minimal capture areas and plenty of smooth finishes to facilitate your quest to get dog hair out of the car.

Fortunately, even if you have chosen a car with multiple pockets and places for the hair to hide; with the right tools and tips you will be able to get dog hair out of your car forever.

9 Tips To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

get dog hair with rubber gloves

Many of these tips will work on your home carpets too which could be beneficial, especially if you have a new born baby at home.

    • Washing Up Gloves
      This is one tip that has been tried and tested many times on a wide array of surfaces. It is also generally considered to be the cheapest and most practical of solutions.All you need is a regular washing up glove; preferably the rubber type.You can dampen the glove by wiping it with a wet cloth or simply sticking your fingers into some water. Then all you need to do is run the damp glove across the interior surfaces of your car and watch the hair stick to them.If you prefer a damp sponge can be used for the same effect.
    • Balloons
      dog balloonYou have probably already experienced rubbing a balloon against your child’s hair, or even your own and the fact that it sticks to it.This is thanks to the power of static electricity.This power can be used to get dog hair out of your car! Simply choose a balloon; it can be any color, and inflate it. Once this is done slowly rub it across the upholstery in your car; the hair will almost jump on it; like a magnet.
      Useful Note
      It is possible to re-use the balloon but not practical to do so. This is because the static electric charge is so powerful that after you get dog hair out of your car you will struggle to get it off the balloon!
      It is easier to throw the balloon away and use a different one next time.
    • Duct Tape
      Duct tape is one of the best tapes you can buy; you can use it for hundreds of different things! Rolling it round your hand with the sticky side facing out will make your own lint roller.Simply roll the tape across the upholstery in your car; once the tape is full of hair, slide it into the bin and use a fresh piece.Just be careful; it is likely to remove the hair from your dog as well as from the interior of the car!lint roller
    • Lint Roller
      Of course, you can use an actual lint roller to get dog hair out of your car. After all, this is what they are designed for!All you need to do is purchase a lint roller, remove the protective film and roll it across the interior of your car. Again, once it is full it can be discarded and a new one can be fitted. There are plenty of lint rollers to choose from!A lint roller is easy to store and a practical choice but it can be annoying if you have run out of lint when you need it the most!
    • Animal Vacuum
      This should probably be the top of the list as it is an essential to help you get dog hair out of your car. In fact, the animal vacuum should be used first to remove as much of the dog hair as possible.Choose the best animal vacuum you can buy or afford, this will be one with good suction and plenty of accessories. The array of accessories is designed to get into all the small nooks and crannies you will find within your vehicle.Use as many of the attachments as possible to slowly go across every inch of your car; this will ensure the maximum amount of dog hair is picked up; making the other options much easier to use afterwards.
    • Fabric softener
      dog in washing machineOne trick very few people have heard of is to add a few drops of fabric softener to a spray bottle of water. Lightly spray all the upholstery in your vehicle then wipe the surfaces with a paper towel. Once it has dried there should be very little hair left and this can be easily vacuumed up with your impressive animal vacuum.
    • Remove Pet Dander
      Pet dander is something that happens to all pets and leaves you needing to clean the house and get dog hair out of the car. You can read all about pet dander here.This will not help you to remove the dog hair from your car but it should reduce the amount of dog hairs you find in your vehicle and make cleaning it a little easier.
    • Pumice Stone
      This piece of stone, designed for feet, can actually play an important part in removing dog hair from your car. These are small and particular well suited to removing hair from those difficult to reach places.You will need to rub the fine pumice stone acroshe area where the hair is; this will pull the dog hair from the carpet and into your waiting hands.But remember that if you scrub too hard you are likely to damage the upholstery in your car.
    • Anti-static cloth
      Finally, when trying to get dog hair out of your car it is important to remember the surfaces which are not upholstered. An anti-static cloth is a very effective way of dusting these surfaces as the dog hair will be attracted to the cloth and removed from your vehicle; until the next time the dog travels with you.



    dog head out windowUnless you are planning on preventing your dog from ever getting into your car you will need to get dog hair out of it periodically.

  • Using these tips you can remove all the dog hair and have your vehicle looking like new every time you need it!

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