Dyson V6 vs. Shark Rocket – Which Should You Choose?

Dyson V6 and Shark Rocket

There comes a time when you know that your old vacuum will simply not do the job anymore.  You probably know the day has been coming and may even have been putting it off; after all, your current vacuum does a great job!

But once you commit and start looking you will realize that there are literally hundreds of vacuums to choose from!

There are many guides to help you pick a good vacuum cleaner, but this one will dramatically narrow the field for you!

Compare the Dyson V6 to the Shark Rocket and discover which one will blast your cleaning chores the fastest!

Fun Fact: Dyson may have made the first bag less vacuum cleaner but they also make wheelbarrows

The Dyson V6 Is An Animal!

Dyson V6This is literally true!  Its official name is the Dyson V6 Animal and it is designed to be the perfect addition to any pet friendly family home.

This vacuum continues the trend of all Dyson cleaners.  It has a high powered motor, is light and does the job properly.

This can be said to sum up the philosophy of a business which started in a shed and is now worth in excess of $4 billion.

7 Things That Make The Dyson V6 Special

There are a range of features built into the Dyson V6 which will make your life easier:

  • There is no cord.  This is fantastic as it allows you to move round your home with complete freedom.  No more tripping over the cord or having to unplug and re-plug the machine!The battery is powerful enough to provide all the suction you need for twenty minutes at a time.
  • The Direct-drive cleaner headDyson V6 brushThis is a new innovation which gives the vacuum 75% more power.  In simple terms, it will remove dirt from much deeper in your carpet than other vacuum cleaners!
  • The Motor.  With a name like Dyson V6 you will be expecting a powerful engine; and you will not be disappointed.  This vacuum uses the latest technology; the digital pulse motor.The result; a neodymium magnet which can spin in excess of 100,000 times in sixty seconds!This means a lightweight motor with incredible suction – say goodbye to Pet dander!
  • Full Power!

Full power logoIf the sheer suction of the Dyson V6 motor is not enough then you can opt to push the full power button.

For six exhilarating seconds the motor will scream even faster; the suction is truly impressive.

  • Cyclone Technology  This is not new!  Dyson has been using cyclone technology for years.  However, the Dyson V6 uses the latest version.  It has 15 cyclones arrange over two levels and staggered to create the best possible airflow.cyclone
  • Lightweight  This is not unusual, all Dyson cleaners are perfectly balanced to allow you to clean the ceiling or the floor; virtually effortlessly.But, the Dyson V6 does this with its impressive power and can be converted in moments to a handheld vacuum instead of an upright.
  • Pet Perfect  There is a huge range of tools which come with the Dyson V6.  These include a miniature brush which is designed to remove even the most stubborn pet hairs!You can empty the canister directly into your bin without mess or fuss and slide it back onto its charger; where all the attachments have their own spot!

How Can the Shark Rocket Compete?

shark rocketIn the first instance the Shark Rocket has a name which is potentially even more dramatic than the Dyson V6!  It certainly suggests power and a hunger for the dirt!

There are two Shark Rocket Vacuum Cleaners; the top of the range Ultra-light Handstick; which this review looks at.  And, the stick vacuum with DuoClean.  It also has an impressive range of features:

  • It is corded  This allows the vacuum to be used for an unlimited amount of time without losing any suction.  Whilst it does not prevent you from tripping over the cord; it does have an extra long cord which makes it unnecessary to change the socket mid clean!
  • Pet Power Brush  The Shark Rocket has a special brush attachment specifically designed to clear up all pet hairs; no matter where they are hiding.  Its brush is extra stiff to ensure the hairs are swept off your floor and soft furnishings.
  • Lightweight  Just like the Dyson V6 this vacuum has been carefully designed to be used in any position; even the ceiling.  It can also be converted into a powerful hand held vacuum cleaner; it takes just one push of a button.
  • Practical  The Shark Rocket will work on any surface.  You can switch between surface types in less than a second and enjoy the best possible suction; regardless of the surface. You can even vacuum the ceiling; if you wish!
  • Light Fantastic  Thoughtfully placed lights in the handle of the vacuum illuminate the floor where you are cleaning; allowing you to verify that you got all the dirt.
Surprising Fact
The Shark Company started over 100 years ago!

Decision Time – A Speedy V6 or a Biting Shark?

It is difficult to decide which the better vacuum cleaner is.  As with many things it will come down to personal preference.

However, it is worth considering that, despite 9m of cord on the Shark, the Dyson V6 has no cord!  It is easier to use anywhere.

lightOf course, the battery on the Dyson V6 will flatten after twenty minutes, but this is generally enough time to complete your cleaner tasks and the lightning quick charger will soon have it ready to use again.

Both vacuums have the same stick style design and are lightweight. However, the latest offering from Dyson weighs in at just 2.27KG; the shark may feel heavy in comparison at 4.3KG!

Both vacuums are good looking and designed to pick up animal hair.  However, the 100 air watts supplied by the Dyson V6 gives it the edge over the Rocket.

The decision may be close and you can choose to go either way, but, based on weight, suction and usability; the Dyson V6 sneaks ahead!

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