Hoover vs. Bissell Pet Vacuums: Which One is Best?

Upright Pet Vacuum


Did you know that the word ‘hoover’ is often interchanged with the word ‘vacuum’ in the UK? This is because the Hoover company has been in existence since 1908 and, despite being an American firm, it was the dominate force in the UK vacuum cleaner market for the first half of the twentieth century.

Many residents of the UK refer to their vacuum cleaners as a ‘Hoover’!
The first recorded vacuum cleaner to use a motor was created in 1901; you can read more about this in the associated article; ‘Who was the Inventor of the First vacuum Cleaner’. You will quickly realize that Hoover has been in existence almost as long as the electric vacuum!


Bissell is another company which has been in existence for many years.

This company actually predates Hoover!
This cleaning firm started up in Michigan in 1876; a simple carpet sweeper launched a business which is now worth millions and produces some of the best vacuums in the business!

The 2000’s saw an increase in interest in ways to remove unwanted pet hair in the home. The various options are discussed in the article ‘What is the best vacuum for dog hair’. The result was a plethora of different machines dedicated to removing pet hair from your home effortlessly.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Each Pet Vacuum

Both Hoover and Bissell offer pet vacuums, the following analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of their products should help you decide the right one for your needs:

The Hoover Pet Vacuum

hoover pet vacuumHoover offers upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners both of which are designed to eradicate pet hair from your home. The following advantages of using a Hoover are:

  • High suction power
    One of the best Hoover pet vacuums is the T-Series Wind Tunnel. It has an impressive amount of suction power to assist it in extracting all pet hair.
  • Filters
    Hoover has fitted this machine with HEPA and carbon filters to dramatically reduce allergy issues and improve air quality. There is an inbuilt check to advise you when these filters need washing or replacing.
  • various filters

  • Portable
    This clever vacuum has a handle which folds down; allowing for easy carrying and storage. The electric cord winds in easily and automatically; helping to prevent safety issues.
  • Brushes
    You may also be surprised to learn that the Hoover vacuum cleaner has a brush shut off pedal. This is designed to make it easy to move between different floor types and still gain an effective clean.
    It is worth noting that there are a few issues with this Hoover vacuum cleaner
    The main ones are the weight of the cleaner when attempting to hold it on the stairs and the hose is rather short for many jobs.

The Bissell Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell pet vacuumThe Bissell power glide pet vacuum 1305 is designed with pet hair in mind and stairs!

Although an upright vacuum, it has the ability to alter the suction point and add a hose which is supplied; allowing the vacuum to stay on the ground whilst you do the stairs.

There is even a selection of crevice tools supplied to ensure every piece of dirt and pet hair is removed.

Advantages of Bissell Vacuum

  • Edge to Edge
    The Bissell vacuum also has great suction. However, it uses patented technology to ensure the suction remains consistent across the entire contact surface. This is backed up with a cyclonic motor to ensure the suction is always available.
  • Stairs
    This vacuum is light weight and flexible. It is designed to make vacuuming the stairs easy and really does a good job of this!various vacuum cleaner accessories
  • Tools
    You will also be pleased to note that the Bissell vacuum has a good selection of cleaning accessories which can make your job much easier.


However, you should be aware that there is no place to store the accessories on the machine
.This means you either need pockets or a good storage rack; if not you will spend half your time looking for the right accessory.

It is also important to note that the Bissell is surprisingly heavy. Whilst this should not affect stair cleaning it will affect the workout you get whilst running the vacuum round your home!

Handheld Pet Vacuum

handheld pet vacuumDid you know that 43% of American households now have a handheld vacuum as well as their main one? These devices are becoming more popular simply because they have more power and versatility than ever before.

A pet handheld Hoover or Bissell vacuum cleaner can be a huge advantage but is usually not sufficient on its own; the main device will be needed as well.

Read This Before Deciding Which One You Want!

Both manufacturers make good looking vacuums which are very effective. The decision regarding which pet vacuum is best comes down to personal preference.

vacuum suctionHoover vacuums generally have better suction which can improve pet hair extraction.

Bissell vacuums, on the other hand, use a hot water feature to apply a wet vacuum. They utilize a system known as heatwave to keep the water hot and improve the cleaning power of their devices.

Both vacuums have extremely effective brushes. Bissell tends to be better at removing stains whilst Hoover is better at deep cleaning the carpet.

Detergents can be purchased to improve the cleaning power of these devices; using one purchased from the manufacturer will provide the best results for the machine you have.

The Tank System – Could This Be A Deal Breaker?

hoover water tanksOn the face of the evidence so far there is little to choose between the Bissell and the Hoover; the majority of customers are very satisfied with their purchase and both vacuums provide similar results.

However, it is worth noting that Bissell vacuum cleaners use just one water tank; the clean water is separated from the dirty by a seal.

Whilst this system works well, it can be an issue when emptying. If the dirty side is full and there is still water and detergent in the clean side you will find it very difficult to empty it.

In contrast, Hoover’s tend to have two tanks; allowing separate removal. One will need to be emptied and the other filled. If there is an issue you can simply deal with one tank.

The King Of Pet Hair Vacuums?

Hoover has developed a name for providing very effective and efficient vacuum cleaners. In fact, many users consider them to have the edge on the Bissell simply because they are generally lighter and even their machines without pet labels are very efficient at removing pet hair.

The Winner
Whilst it is difficult to state a specific brand is better than the other, the general consensus, at this time, seems to be that Hoover has the edge; but not by much!

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