Here’s How Long You Should Keep A Vacuum Cleaner

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How long your cleaner will last may not be the first question you think of when you are choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your needs.

However, it is something that you should consider; it may affect your decision regarding which one you purchase!

Why Would You Wish To Change Your Vacuum Cleaner?

Old luxury vacuumSome things you buy and hope will last you for life; a vacuum cleaner is not generally one of them!

On average a vacuum will last approximately eight years; this is how they are made by the manufacturers.

By using plastic and less durable material your vacuum is designed to last only a few years.  

It will ensure you return to the shop and manufacturer to purchase a new one.

Fun Fact: The oldest known working machine is 113 years old!

There are two main reasons why you will wish to replace your current machine:

  1.  It is broken – Vacuum’s are built to last just a few years. This is the most obvious and frequent reason to replace your vacuum. It is possible to keep your machine working longer by looking after it carefully. However, this does not guarantee it will last.
  2. New Technology – The second reason to replace your vacuum is because a newer, better device has come out. This has become a more frequent occurrence as technology is constantly evolving. If you have allergies; particularly from pet dander then you will be eager to adopt the latest features to reduce or eliminate your allergy.

5 Benefits of Changing Your Vacuum Cleaner

Assuming that your vacuum does not breakdown and leave you with an uneconomic repair bill you could keep it until it is no longer able to perform properly.

However, there are benefits associated with changing your cleaner before it dies on you; these include:

  • Suctionvacuum pipe
    A modern vacuum cleaner will have dramatically more suction than your old model. Whilst this could be partially attributed to wear and tear; it is also a result of the improved technology that comes with the latest technology.
  • Maintenance
    You will note that, as time passes, there is an increased need to fix your vacuum cleaner. Lost suction can be a result of a full bag, clogged pipes or even because the roller is clogged. All of these items can be fixed easily.

But, it takes time to maintain your machine and you will note that it becomes a more frequent occurrence the longer you own the machine.

A good example of this is machines that no longer need filters!

  • Timevacuum maintennce
    Maintenance takes time and you will notice that you are spending an increasing amount of it on this particular chore.But this is not the only time impact!Switching to a new cleaner will highlight how the newer technology is more effective at picking up dirt and pet hair. You will actually spend less time vacuuming and more time enjoying your home.
  • Cost
    A new vacuum is designed to work in an efficient manner. It is no longer enough to provide great suction; your vacuum cleaner needs to use as little electricity as possible whilst providing the best clean ever.This may seem like a tall order but the focus for most companies is how to produce vacuum cleaners which are more energy efficient and more powerful; whilst being easier to maintain.Although it will cost to replace your vacuum this can be off-set against the savings you will make in time, energy and money over the life of your new vacuum!
  • Conveniencebattery vacuum
    Hand held and battery powered vacuum cleaners are not a new invention. However, recent offerings on the market are much more powerful and efficient than any of their predecessors.It is now viable to own a lightweight, rechargeable vacuum and have it do as good a job as a wired one. This makes it far easier to move round your home; without needing to worry about tripping over the cable or having to keep moving the plug.
Surprising Fact!
The patent for the first battery powered vacuum cleaner was created in 1975!

So How Long Should You Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner?

This is actually a matter of personal preference. The average vacuum cleaner will last eight years. Even the latest, filter free, offerings from Dyson are only designed to last for ten years; after this time the cyclone will start to deteriorate and the pipes are likely to get clogged.

On the one hand purchasing a new vacuum cleaner is not an exciting shopping trip; so perhaps you should attempt to keep it for as long as it works.

Alternatively; if you wish to have the best possible suction you may wish to consider replacing it every few years. This is a particularly good idea if you suffer from allergies and need to vacuum regularly.

However, before you rush out to find a new vacuum cleaner; you should consider the following:

  •  Brand Mattersvacuum brands
    The more established brands, such as Dyson and Hoover are likely to charge more for their product than a new company which offers a $40 vacuum cleaner.But, they also offer a better product through research and a high quality guarantee. These types of vacuums are likely to last you eight years and beyond.In contrast the cheap machine, from a lesser known brand, may struggle to provide you with a year’s service!
  • Maintenance is Important
    Just like your automobile; your device needs to be maintained. The better a job you do of this the longer the cleaner will last. This means clearing pipes, emptying the bag, washing filters and even checking the vacuum on the machine.
    A well looked after machine will always last longer than one which has been neglected.
  •  Handling
    The more considerate you are when using your vacuum cleaner, the longer it will generally last. This is more than just maintenance. It involves being careful when cleaning your home.Bashing the cleaner unnecessarily simply provides it with a reason to break down on you.Even the best made vacuum cleaner has a limit to how many times it can be shoved into the leg of your couch.

Cleaning Up

vacuum repairIt is impossible to predict exactly how long a specific machine will last. In general a low budget cleaner may only give you a year’s service whilst the expensive models can give you in the region of ten. For this reason it is worth looking at the guarantee offered by the manufacturer before you choose your machine.

However, this does not mean this is definitely what will happen! There are people with low budget machines which have given them in excess of ten year’s service.

Perhaps the best approach is to look after your machine and hope it looks after you; just until the latest model catches your eye!

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