iRobot vs. Neato: Robots Without The Disguise!

irobot vs neato

Science fiction movies and books are full of amazing devices which do all the work for you.  The result is idyllic; plenty of time for rest and relaxation!

Unfortunately this is not the case in real life!  Robots are becoming a fact of life; they are already used to help in numerous manufacturing environments and are infiltrating hospitals and even driving cars!  It is, therefore, not surprising that the autonomous vacuum is available.

Surprising fact: The first robotic vacuum cleaner was created as long ago as 1996; by Electrolux!

How Do They Work?

The basic robot vacuum simply maneuvers across your floor vacuuming as it goes.  Sensors tell it when it is about to crash and allow it to change direction.  They can be programmed to ensure they cover an entire room properly.

Did you Know iRobot was the original Innovator?

Dyson constructed the first robot vacuum capable of being sold to the public; but it was so expensive that it was never put into production.

This left the path free for iRobot to launch the Roomba in 2002.  The initial production run produced 15,000 units; it became a runaway; (or should that be wheeled?) success.  The 2002 Christmas season saw 50,000 units going into homes across America!

How Did Neato Get Into The Scene?

neato robot vacuumThe firm is currently located in California; it started trading robotic vacuums in 2010 with the Neato XV-Series which retailed for $399.

This model has proved to be very successful although in 2014 an expanded version of this vacuum; known as the ‘BotVac’ appeared.

The BotBac was a distinct improvement on the previous model and has improved many of the issues with the first machine.  They are now considered one of the best and are always found within top ten reviews.

Discover the Best Features of an iRobot

You may have picked the best vacuum cleaner and use it every day, but there will be many occasions when you do not have the time or inclination to complete the job properly.  This is where the automated vacuum can provide an invaluable service for you.

The iRobot product has dramatically improved over the years; it now offers a host of practical features:irobot sensor system

  • Smart Sensors – These guide the iRobot round your entire home. This is not an easy task!  Have you ever considered how many obstacles there are for something attempting to clean the floor?  The iRobot makes sixty decisions every second; ensuring it glides virtually unnoticed round your house.
  • Dirt Detection – sensors do more than just navigate; they can detect dirt! The more concentrated the dirt the more time the vacuum will spend cleaning a specific spot!
  • 3 Stage Cleaning – It doesn’t matter what type of floor you have; the iRobot will move seamlessly from one to another. It has a specially designed edge-sweeping brush which gets right into the corners and edges of your room.The brushes push the dirt out from the edge; it is then grabbed by rapidly spinning dual brushes and sucked into the vacuum.
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  • Fun Fact!
    99% of allergens are caught with the iRobot vacuum!
  • Smart Operation – One of the greatest innovations in recent years is the ability to control items in your home through your phone. You can access the iRobot remotely and set a schedule, tell it to start, pause or even to cancel the job it is doing!
  • Settings – Your home is different to everyone else’s; this is why the iRobot allows you to program how often it will vacuum the house, what power setting it should use and even review the work it has done.
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  • Of course, you may not want to see which parts of your home have the most dirt!
  • drawing talking vacuumVoice Operated – Link your iRobot with Alexa or Google’s assistant and you can just tell it what to do!
  • The Finish – iRobot’s Roomba is exceptionally quiet when running and has the best looking touch controls. It is, without doubt, the best looking robot!
  • Turning power – It is worth noting that the Roomba is circular and any direction can be front. In contrast the Neato needs to have the flat edge facing forwards.

Can the Neato Clean Up Against the iRobot?

stormtrooper vacuumingIt would seem likely!  Neato has focused on providing the best technology; before the competition.  This autonomous robot has achieved a few firsts:

  1. Systematic Cleaning
    Most robot vacuum cleaners originally bounced from wall to wall; gradually making their way round your home.  However, the Neato was the first to create a vacuum which actually learns the layout then cleans it in the most logical manner.  This actually closely reflects the path a human would take!
  2. Smart Technology
    Neato produced the first robot vacuum which was capable of connecting to Wi-Fi and, as well as linking with an app it can be linked with a smart watch!
  3. Voice Activated
    Another first for Neato!  They were the first to provide support for Amazon Alexa
  4. Shaped with Style
    The Neato is D-shaped which enables it to get into the corners better than the round shape of the competition.

Surprising Fact!
The Neato robot vacuum lasts longer than the competition on one battery charge!

Is it Time for Robot wars?

fighting vacuum robotsOne way to decide the better of these two machines is to put them in the ring and see which one survives.  Of course, as they are not equipped with any weapons the winner will be the one whose battery lasts the longest.

Both robot vacuums provide a first class service.

iRobot offers a range of products which can be considered the best choice if you are not concerned about a budget.  Surprisingly, they also offer the best budget robot vacuum.

However, the Neato should be considered as providing a better range of features for a middle of the road price.

Budget, it would seem, is the key to choosing your vacuum.

But, you must consider these additional points:

Virtual Walls

The iRobot has a virtual wall which is effectively a laser beam telling the robot not to clean certain areas.  The Neato uses magnetic strips; which are not as impressive!


irobot dockingThe Neato often struggles to locate its dock correctly; this is because it is fairly tall and has a habit of getting stuck under low furniture.


Again the Neato struggles against the iRobot.  It allows scheduling to start every 15 minutes; the iRobot allows absolutely any start time.

The Neato is better at getting rid of pet dander and this may give it the edge; if you have pets.  If not, then you may prefer the iRobot which has a slight advantage in most situations.

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