How to Remove Dog Hair From Clothes in Your Washing Machine

dog plus hairy trousers

How many times have you dressed yourself up in your best only to glance down and find you are covered in dog hair?  If you are anything like me then your first reaction is to groan.  A moment later, whilst shaking your head you will be wondering how you got covered in dog hair again!

Discover Why Dog Hair Is Everywhere!

dog being brushedPut simply, your dog sheds.  If you don’t know why this is then you can always read this article titled ‘why is my dog shedding so much?’

The more your dog sheds hair the more likely it is you will find yourself covered in it.  Without thinking you will stroke your beloved pet, your hand will pick up hairs which are then transferred to your clothes.

If you wear trousers then the bottoms will drag across the floor; collecting hair and pet dander.

FACT: In 2012 over 43 million households had a dog; that was 36.5% of the population! This figure has increased steadily since.

Do You Know Why Dog Owners Are Easy To Spot?

If you are a dog owner then you have probably realized; dog hair is exceptionally difficult to remove successfully because your dog will shed on a regular basis.

dog dressed as batmanMany dog owners resort to wearing the same color clothes as their dogs; this will go a long way towards hiding any dog hairs which have collected on your clothes.

Of course you can spend your entire life dressed in something which doesn’t produce static; you might not look good but you will be free of those dog hairs!

Adopting a Solution to Your Dog Hair Problem

Before you consider the options available for you to remove dog hair from your clothes; you will want to look at the best way of preventing dog hair from getting onto them!

You can pick a good vacuum cleaner and vacuum your floor and upholstery several times, a day.  This is time consuming and not a practical solution to the problem.  No matter how well you clean you will still find dog hairs everywhere!

Minimizing the Issue

The first step in your battle to remove dog hair from your clothes is to remove it from your home.  You can simply get rid of your dog and any other pets you have.  Unfortunately, this suggestion does not normally go down well with your partner!

More practical solutions include:

  • Vacuuming daily to remove hair; you can even vacuum your clothes!
  • Grooming your pet to remove excess fur; this can prevent it from getting on you although you may be amazed at how much fur can come off one animal.
  • Ban your favorite pooch from your couch. This is relatively easy to do but does mean you won’t get to snuggle with them when relaxing with the television.

Top Tip
There is no right or wrong treatment for your dog and the furniture; it is merely personal preference.

Tricks to Remove Dog hair from Your Machine

These tips will allow you to remove the dog hair from your clothes in the washing machine.

Dry before Washing!

An effective way of removing dog hair from clothes before washing is to put them in the dryer for ten minutes without any heat.  The hair will be shaken from the clothes by the moving air and fall into the lint trap.

You must empty the lint trap before you dry anything else!

White Vinegar

add vinegar to machine to stop dog hairVinegar is a fantastic cleaning agent; it has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes.

Today, it also serves as an excellent additive to remove dog hair.  Simply add ½ cup of it to your rinse cycle on your washing machine.

Vinegar relaxes fibers and helps the hairs literally fall off!

It is actually one of ther most useful substances to have in your home; whether for cleaning or removing dog hair!


Load Size

You cannot pack yoverloaded washing machineour machine full of clothes and expect it to remove all the dog hair!

By keeping your loads no more than three quarters of the maximum load you will ensure the water and air can flow round your clothes.  It will be better at removing the hair!

Liquid Softener

Liquid softener has been shown to reduce the ability of dog hairs to cling to clothes.  It works by reducing the static in the machine.

As static allows hair to cling to virtually anything this is an effective method of cleaning your clothes of hair.

Know Your Enemy

extremely static hairSome clothes are more inclined to attract dog hairs and some are not!  To help reduce the spread between clothes and target the right loads you can group lint attractors together and the same for lint shedders.

Cotton, chenille bed sheets and towels are all good at shedding lint.

Linen, synthetic and knitted items are all good at attracting hair.


Maintain Your Machine

Regular maintenance ensures your washer is working correctly.  This includes removing dog hair from clothing.

If you find that your clothes are frequently covered in dog hair after washing and you have already checked the lint filter; then it is time to check the main water filter.

This should be fairly easy to access; although it may be inside the machine.  The filter is generally designed to keep larger items out of the machine.  In fact, you can often find socks or coins trapped in the filter.

Making sure this is clean will improve your drainage time and help remove excess dog hair.

Helpful Hint
Emptying a lint trap halfway through a drying cycle will help to ensure all the dog hairs are removed.

Final Thoughts

Balance is important in everything.  Your dog is part of your family and you will need to decide whether they are allowed on your furniture or not.  Reducing their sofa time will reduce the number of dog hairs attached to your clothes; but it may also reduce your enjoyment of your pet!

The balance is spending time with a lint roller or similar before you wash your clothes.  In addition, adopt these tips and simply accept that you love your dog; (and your partner won’t let you get rid of them!).  This makes the pet hair issue more bearable.  Plus, you can always stick to wearing black clothes with white spots; which match your dog!

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