How to Remove Pet Hair From Furniture (Tips Every Pet Owner Is Missing)

kitten & puppy together

You probably still remember the day you brought home your puppy or kitten. They were, undoubtedly, a beautiful, cute ball of fur and the last thing on your mind was the amount of pet hair you would end up with all over your home!

Pet hair & scraper

Almost every pet will malt; this happens all year round, although there is an excessive amount twice a year as your pet changes from their summer coat to a winter one – and back.

Of course, pet hair is not the only issue. You have to also be aware of pet dander.

Fortunately, you do not need to go paranoid constantly finding every strand of hair on your furniture since e’ve given you a few innovative solutions below;

Time To Get Wet!

Throwing water over your couch will not make it pleasant to sit on and will probably not remove any of the pet hair.

cartoon dog having bathHowever, if you get a damp cloth or sponge you can slide it lightly across any item of furniture.

The hair will be attracted to the sponge and stick to it.

You can then choose whether to keep it and make hair shapes or just throw it away! (I’d advise you to throw it away because there’ll be plenty more where that came from!)


Pro Tip
You can mix just a few drops of fabric softener with water in a spray bottle. Simply spray the liquid onto your couch and wipe off with a dry cloth. The hairs will stick to your cloth; thanks to the water mix.

Make Your Own Lint Roller

The lint roller is perfect for removing excess lint from your clothing. pet hair on sticky tape

In fact it is one of the options in the pet hair remover report.

But, instead of purchasing one of these creations simply make your own version!

One piece of sticky tape can be wrapped round your hand; with the sticky side facing outwards.

Roll your hand, with the tape, across your furniture and watch the hair stick to it!

Vacuuming the Pet Hair Away

This seems like the simplest solution and you can read the best vacuum for dog hair guide.

This will certainly help you to choose the right vacuum cleaner.

But, you must be aware that to really get pet hair off your furniture you need to have good suction, and lots of different attachments; it is the only way to get into all the crevices!

Sit On It! (Find Your Best Pants…)

If your couch is covered in dog or cat hair you may simply need to select your best pair of jogging pants. They are usually made from a soft, fibrous material which will attract the pet hair!

This may not be the most desirable option and you certainly cannot go out afterwards; but it can be exceptionally effective!

Quick Fact
Pet hair will not cause an allergic reaction, but it can carry dander which is an allergen!


dog pet hair with staticFurniture which has polished tops, such as the arms of your couch or your television unit is more difficult to clean.

The pet hair which settles on these services can be easily disturbed and float into the air.

To ensure you capture the hair before it floats round the room you will need to use an anti-static cloth.

This will ensure the loose hairs are attracted to the cloth; not the next item of furniture!

Useful Tip: Being allergic to allergens from cats is twice as common as dog allergens!

How to Remove Cat Hair from Furniture

With this is mind it is worth looking at how to remove cat hair from your furniture. Even if you are not allergic to your pets, you can carry their allergens on your clothing and into the apartment of someone who is allergic!

 The question is whether it is harder to remove cat hair than dog hair? 

In fact you may be interested to note that there is no real difference between dog hair and cat hair, but, there is a difference between hair and fur!

White and ginger cat The difference is very small; fur is hair; but, hair is not generally referred to as fur unless there is a particularly thick coat of it!

If you prefer, you can view it as individual hair and groups of hair making fur.


Additional Imaginative Methods of Removing Pet Hair

If the above methods have failed to remove your hair or you are looking for something a little different, then you can try removing the pet hair with these:

  • The Gloved Approach

glove holding pet hairRubber gloves are surprisingly attractive to all varieties of pet hairs!

You can make their influence even greater by damping the glove with either water or a mixture of water and fabric softener.


  • Emery Board Nail File

emery nail fileOne place where pet hair always seems to accumulate is the felt pads placed on your furniture to prevent them from scratching the floor.

These often seem to be the most difficult spots to reach and the fur is particularly good at staying there.

Fortunately your emery nail file can be slid over each anti-scratch pad and remove the fur from your furniture in seconds!

  • Cheat and Cover It!

dog sat on covered couchWhilst this may not remove the issue it will certainly protect your furniture.

Of course, unless you wish to live in a house which looks like you have just moved in, you can only really cover the couch.

This will prevent the hairs from getting onto the couch.

To remove the unwanted pet hair you carefully remove the cover; folding it into itself; and shake it outside before washing!


Check Your Pet

One technique which is often overlooked is to deal with the issue before it becomes a problem. Cat being brushedAlthough tempting to place your pet inside a plastic bag, this is not a viable option.

However, you can groom your pet regularly to remove all excess hair and dander. The more you remove the less there will be to be left on your furniture!


Pro Tip
Before grooming wet your pet with water from a spray bottle; it will stop the loose hair from floating round your home!

Pet hair is a side effect of having pets; even apparently hairless cats and dogs will leave some hairs on your furniture.

But, if you choose to adopt a pro-active approach you need not worry about what others think when they arrive, or whether you are going to that important business meeting covered in fur!

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