Which Vacuum Has The Best Suction: Information You Should Know!

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Suction is simply the power which a vacuum has to pick up dirt, debris and even pet hair from a variety of surfaces. In general, the better the suction, the more efficient your vacuum will be. However, there are other factors which you need to consider too.

How Vacuum Suction Works

selection of vacuumsThere are two main factors of any vacuum which will allow it to use the power of suction to clean your floor.

Firstly, a vacuum has a pump inside which sucks air into it.

Secondly, the cleaner part of the vacuum sits flush to the floor and creates a seal.

The combination of these two events creates a vacuum; effectively a place without air as all the air is sucked up the pipe and into the vacuum.

The power or suddenness of this vacuum is what pulls the debris from your floor up and into your vacuum.

It is therefore easy to say that the higher the quality of the suction, the more debris which will be sucked into your vacuum.

The real issue here involves understanding how suction is measured. This will allow you to select the best vacuum for your needs.

NOTE: It is worth remembering that the most powerful vacuums do not necessarily have the best suction.

What is an Air Watt?

An air watt is one of the most reliable ways of measuring the suction power of any vacuum.

It is possible to calculate this yourself by multiplying the airflow by water lift. However, it is unusual for you to need to calculate this figure as most vacuums will provide you with their air watts.

It is important to note that this is not the same as a watt. Whilst a bigger wattage motor may provide more suction, there are other variables which must be taken into consideration.

To ensure you choose the right vacuum for your needs check out this article!

It is generally agreed that a standard upright vacuum should be using at least 100 air watts whilst a cylinder vacuum needs approximately 220 air watts (the extra amount is because of the pipe work through which the suction needs to be created).

Other Criteria

Pump in poolAlongside knowing the air watts of your preferred vacuum, it is useful to check the following:

• The water lift – this is literally the amount by which it can lift water and is a good indication of the suction available.

The hose of the vacuum is connected to a box. The box has a quantity of water sat in the bottom and the vacuum will literally attempt to remove the water.

The higher it can lift it from its starting position, the better its suction is.

• Watts –This is simply how powerful the motor is on your vacuum. Whilst generally speaking more watts equals more suction; this is not always true.

The quality of the build and the amount of pipes play a large part in creating the actual level of suction.

• Amps – This is simply another way of expressing the power available in the vacuum.

However, whilst higher amps suggest greater power and therefore better suction; this is not always the case. There are other features on a vacuum which use the power, including any lights or electrically operated brushes.

These will be included in the amp figure and may mislead you as to how powerful the vacuum really is.

The Best Suction Vacuum

Three powerful suction vacuumsIt is difficult to select an overall winner in this category simply because not all manufacturers present the information in the same way. Certainly the ones with the best suction will generally have the highest air watts.

Unfortunately even if all manufacturers displayed the air watts ratio of their vacuum cleaners there would still be variables to consider.

As already mentioned, a canister style vacuum will need more air watts to provide the same level of suction as an upright. This is simply because of the pipe work; the further the point of suction is from the motor the weaker it will get.

The Disadvantages of High Suction Vacuums

Commercial vacuums have higher suction power and may be the right solution for your home. However, the greater the suction power, the higher the power consumption.

This means your energy bills will be more than they need to be. This is why the best suction vacuum must actually be chosen according to your needs and the surface you wish to clean.

If you have pets; then one of the dedicated pet vacuums may be your best option. If not then you will need to decide how much suction power you need in conjunction with the cost of running the vacuum.

The following vacuums all have high suction capabilities:

Hoover Windtunnel T-series Pet uh30310 Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover UH30310This vacuum has a powerful 1,320 watt motor which can deliver an impressive 365 air watts of power. It is specifically designed to deal with the difficulties of pet hair.

The fact that the vacuum comes with a one touch option to release the dirt without you needing to touch the bag makes it even more attractive as many reviews will testify to.

AEG UltraCaptic Animal

AEG-Captic-AnimalThis futuristic canister style vacuum has a 1,400 watt motor which delivers an astonishing 300 air watts.

The vacuum looks a little like a car engine and has a unique facility to compact dust; increasing the amount you can collect and reducing mess when it is emptied.

It is also designed to work well with pet hair; in fact many of the best vacuums have extra suction simply to deal with pet hair.


Dyson DC65 Animal

Dyson DC65In contrast to the other two vacuums this offering from Dyson is an upright cleaner. You will probably already be aware of Dyson’s enviable reputation and unique approach to vacuuming.

It is this which has ensured many of their vacuums are considered the best on the market.

This particularly offering is another animal friendly one which offers 245 air watts; more than adequate for most cleaning jobs.

It is worth noting that there are three options in the range with the basic option have an adequate 180 air watts of suction power.

However, the animal is a much better option, with its many accessories, if you have animals in your home. You can also check out our article about the best vacuum for pet hair to really get an understanding of which hoover will suit you best.


These three vacuums are exceptionally good at cleaning and are reasonably priced. However, there are many more that can do the job effectively.

Simply follow the guidelines in this article to select the vacuum which offers enough suction for your needs and is the right size or shape to be used easily within your home.

The vacuum which is best for you is the one that does the job quickly and efficiently.

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